Dr. Barnabas Loh

Dental Surgeon
BDS (Singapore)

Dr Barnabas obtained his Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2015. During his undergraduate years, Dr Barnabas, along with his research group, represented NUS and won numerous prestigious awards for sessions hosted by the International Association for Dental Research that were held in Malaysia(IADR-SEA) and Boston, Massachusetts.

Dr Barnabas served for 4 years in the public government sector under a bond prior to joining Dental Focus. He spent his first year at two National Healthcare Group (NHG) polyclinics. Dr Barnabas helped to co-lead and run a mobile dental bus in his second year at Health-Promotion Board (HPB)’s School Dental Service(SDS). In his third year at National Dental Centre (NDC), Dr Barnabas saw a wide range of patients ranging from special needs to geriatrics to medically-complex patients all of whom require very specialized care. Dr Barnabas also worked at National University Hospital(NUH) providing specialised and complex dental work such as dentures, crowns and bridges.  Dr Barnabas has clinical interests in prosthodontics (dentures, crowns and bridges), oral surgery and geriatric dentistry. 

Dr Barnabas is adept at dealing with people from all walks of life and prides himself on his ability to understand patients’ needs. Dr Barnabas works diligently to provide the best treatment for every patient that he sees thereby contributing to their overall well-being.