Dr. Ng Song Ping

Dental Surgeon
BDS (Adelaide)

Dr. Ng Song Ping enjoys all the aspects of general dentistry, especially oral surgery. He graduated with a BDS in Adelaide, Australia and has been serving dental patients in Singapore for several years.

He strongly believes in patient-centred care and rapport-building. He also allows patients to take ownership and care of their dental health.

Ping is also a proponent of preventive dental care, hoping to encourage good oral health by means of routine care and maintenance rather than the symptomatic treatment of ailments when they occur.

Like many other people, Ping grew up with a fear of dentists. However, after a course of treatments that he underwent after his military service, he realized that this fear was unfounded and that a career as a dentist was a very noble one.

Being able to empathize with patients allows Ping to meet their needs accordingly and to provide personalised care. He hopes to be able to make a difference in their health and in their lives.