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Root Canal Treatment

Before a patient undergoes the root canal treatment, a dentist here at Dental Focus may take a series of X-rays of the affected tooth. This will allow him to build up a clear picture of the entire tooth and see the extent of the damage. X-rays are excellent for detecting possible root canal infections.

What Happens During A Root Canal Procedure?

A root canal treatment is usually done with the use of local anaesthetic, which is an analgesic that numbs a specific area of the mouth. In some cases where the tooth has died and is no longer sensitive, it may not be necessary to use a local anaesthetic.

Occasionally, your teeth could be difficult to anaesthetise. In this case, your dentist might use special local anaesthetic techniques to ensure your root canal treatment will not be painful.

A root canal treatment can relieve the pain, help save your tooth, and get you back to smiling beautifully and eating freely and comfortably again.

Root Canal Treatment (Illustration) - Dental Focus SingaporeHow Long Will Root Canal Survive?

90% of Root canal problems occur due to large tooth decays that were left untreated.

The survival of your tooth depends on a number of factors, including:

  • how much of the natural tooth remains
  • how well can it be maintained
  • the biting forces on the tooth

You might need to undergo root canal if you are:

  • sensitive to hot and cold
  • experiencing pain at night (unable to sleep)
  • feeling persistent pain in the area even when not eating or chewing

Root canal dental treatment is proven to be successful in saving your tooth and clearing the infection.

When a root canal treatment has properly restored a tooth, the tooth that has been filled can probably last for several years. However, just like any other tooth, it can still become fractured or decayed, and the tissue around it can acquire gum disease if it is not cared for properly. Daily brushing and a regular dental visit will help keep your teeth, gums and mouth healthy, whether you have had a root canal treatment or not.

Our dentists here at the Dental Focus clinic will give you options for saving your teeth and gums from infections. As much as possible, we opt to save the teeth that can be saved, which is why a root canal is a very common and effective dental treatment in Singapore.

Do consult our dentists here at the Dental Focus clinics about your chances of developing root canal issues on your next visit!

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