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Teeth Whitening

Do you want to have a brighter smile and whiter teeth? Pearly white teeth can be hard to achieve, especially if you are fond of coffee, tea, or red wine, or colored food like gums, candies and fruits.

These foods and drinks can stain your teeth, which is why they become yellowish. People with stained teeth find teeth whitening to be the perfect solution.

The Teeth Whitening Procedure

Teeth Whitening or teeth bleaching is the external application of whitening gel on the teeth to help “bleach” them. The gel is sometimes activated with light, to further enhance the “bleaching” process to make a person’s teeth whiter.

A whiter smile gives confidence, exudes charm and can brighten up your day.

In working towards our goal of becoming everyone’s dental service provider of choice, we see to it that our holistic, patient-centric treatments make a positive impact on your daily life.

Preparing For Your Teeth Whitening Procedure

As one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments, whitening has seen an increase in demand over the past few years. With more attention being paid to dental aesthetics, particularly non-invasive, speedy dental procedures, it is not surprising that teeth whitening continues to be in vogue, especially when you are looking for a quick fix to achieve a dazzling smile.

Prior to the procedure, the patient will be required to have a consultation within 2 weeks before the appointment to clean, check and discuss the prognosis of the whitening.

The Original Colour of Your Teeth

Getting your teeth whitened can be easy, especially if you have taken care of your teeth and gums. However, if you are a smoker or a regular coffee drinker, then chances are high that your teeth could be stained. Your tooth’s original colour will ultimately contribute to the shade of your teeth after teeth whitening or bleaching.

To achieve your desired shade of white, patients whose teeth come in grey or brown hues have to undergo several teeth whitening treatments.

How Long Does It Last?

How long the results of the whitening procedure last is dependent on how assiduously the patient follows the dentist’s instructions. All of the steps in the teeth whitening procedure must be strictly and sequentially followed in order to achieve the desired results.

Patient’s Lifestyle Habits

The kind of routine a patient follows after the teeth bleaching or whitening process will affect the results of his whitening treatment. Smoking and coffee intake should be completely avoided to prevent stains from developing on the treated surface.

Patient’s Teeth Surface

Teeth whitening and bleaching products will only work on the patient’s natural teeth, and not on artificial dental materials like caps, veneers, and porcelain.

Our professional dentists will recommend the suitable teeth whitening option or system, which will definitely be safe and effective for your teeth.

Here at Dental Focus, we want our patients to be reassured and satisfied with the results they have invested in. Approach any of our dentists to ask about the various aesthetic procedures that Dental Focus offers.

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