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Dental care can be very costly, but you may not have to shoulder the cost alone. The Ministry of Health (MOH) offers financial assistance to lower- and middle-income families to help them look after their dental health via the Community Health Assist Scheme or CHAS.

How much in subsidies does CHAS provide?

CHAS qualifiers receive either a blue or an orange Health Assist card, and how much you receive in subsidies depends on the colour of your card.

Blue Health Assist Card: Up to SGD256.50 per procedure

For CHAS qualifiers with a household monthly income of SGD1,100 per person or lower, or those belonging to households with no income and whose residences have an AV of SGD13,000 or below.

Orange Health Assist Card: Up to SGD170.50 per procedure (crowns, dentures, and root canals only)

For CHAS qualifiers with a household monthly income between SGD1,100 and SGD1,800 per person or lower, or those belonging to households with no income and whose residences have an AV between SGD13,000 and SGD21,000.

How do I know if I qualify for CHAS?

If you are a Singapore Citizen of any age, you may benefit from CHAS if your household monthly income, per person, is SGD1,800 or below. Members of a family, whether by blood, marriage or legal adoption whose NRICs show that they live at a single residence, will have to apply for CHAS using a single application form. The household monthly income per person includes the income of every family member.

If you belong to a household with no income, and your NRIC reflects the Annual Value or AV of your residence as belong SGD21,000 or below, you also qualify for CHAS. If you are already on the Public Assistance or PA scheme, you automatically qualify for CHAS, as well.

You may apply for your CHAS membership here.

Who are the Pioneer Generation and what are their special CHAS benefits?

Members of the Pioneer Generation were either born on or before December 31st 1949 or acquired Singaporean citizenship on or before December 31st 1986. All members receive a Pioneer Generation card which is valid for life and sent to their NRIC-registered addresses.

CHAS benefits for the Pioneer Generation members come with the same conditions as Blue Health Assist Card members, but receive higher subsidies of up to SGD266.50 per procedure.

Pioneer Generation members need only bring their Pioneer Generation card and NRIC when they go to Dental Focus for their appointments.

Here is the complete list of Dental Services, Claim Limits and Subsidies that you can receive from CHAS:

For enquiries on your Merdeka Generation or Pioneer Generation status, you may call 1800-2222-888, or check online here.